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Do you ever talk to yourself? We’re talking about a full-fledged, out-loud conversation to get something off your chest or talk through an issue. Well, we caught our CEO doing just that and it sparked an interesting conversation.

You see, Microsoft 365® is used by over a million companies worldwide with over 600,000 companies in the United States alone using the Microsoft Office software suite. But instead of being impressed, the CEO here at enkompas was talking out loud and voicing disappointment. Why? Because it should be used by more organizations, especially those in health and human services.

Here’s the thing, many non-profit organizations have access to the numerous benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for free. There are criteria guidelines – 501(c)(3) exempt, for example – that you must meet to be eligible, but yes, it’s free!

With a Microsoft 365 subscription, your organization receives a variety of cloud-based services such as online file storage and collaboration tools on a secure, world-class technology platform. Microsoft Teams, for example, has enabled organizations around the globe to stay connected via video meetings and workplace chat in the midst of COVID-19.

Even better, with the Microsoft 365 subscription-based service, you can save your organization from a huge budget hit. With automatic software updates, your organization is always working on the latest version without budgeting for last year’s (or last decade’s) update.

As a Microsoft partner, enkompas has helped many organizations – non-profits, manufacturing, financial – face the challenges of deploying technology. Big or small, technology savvy or not, we can help you deploy, leverage, support and adopt the right technology to fulfill your goals and needs.

Because we believe Microsoft 365 should be used by more organizations, click here to see if your health and human services agency is eligible for a free subscription. If it’s unclear if you qualify, contact us and let us help you investigate the options and outline a migration plan so you can take advantage of this opportunity.