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Cloud Consulting Services

Secure Cloud Solutions: What is your game plan?

With the evolution of cloud computing and considering the game changing immediate needs for remote users due to the pandemic, it’s essential that you have a game plan to migrate your business to the appropriate cloud solutions on a secure level.

The benefits are significant:

  • Reduce server hardware footprint utilizing infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Operationalize technology budgets
  • Thinning of the network makes it more supportable
  • Disaster recovery must be a part and is more affordable than ever
  • Data/files in the cloud gives access to users from anywhere in the world
  • Cloud data backup strategies are more robust and provide an air gap to prevent malware and ransomware
  • Staff access to cloud application is now more available and secure than ever with smartphone and tablet apps
  • Security will always be king – MFA and mobile device management are essential
  • Cloud delivered unified communications as a cervice (UCaaS) solutions are available and leverage HiTrust certified data centers for call taking/making, online meetings, SMS, fax, instant messaging and more
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