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SharePoint is a powerful and versatile web-based platform Developed by Microsoft for collaboration, document management, and information sharing within organizations. To successfully implement the platform, organizations must develop SharePoint Governance requirements to ensure data protection and compliance, as well as consistency and efficiency, and to control costs. 

Just as any other set of rules and guidelines at your company – like how to reserve the conference room or “put your own dang dishes in the breakroom dishwasher!” SharePoint Governance requirements benefit all users and the company. Life’s better with a shared framework about how to do certain things.  

Let’s dive into what SharePoint Governance is and why it’s essential for every organization to have documented governance requirements. 

What Is SharePoint Governance? 

SharePoint Governance involves creating a documented set of rules to guide every member of the organization on how they will use SharePoint. It’s a written plan of the policies and procedures for configuring, using, and maintaining the platform.  

Governance requirements include the processes, roles, and responsibilities necessary to ensure the platform is used effectively, securely, and in alignment with organizational goals. 

Why Every SharePoint Environment Needs Governance 

For starters, SharePoint Governance is needed because it’s not “built in.” Every company using SharePoint needs a documented governance plan, but every company’s plan will be unique to their needs and goals.  

That is, there is no standard or universal governance plan organizations can simply adopt in a cookie cutter manner. Each organization must create their own “Goldilocks” governance plan, setting up requirements which are “just right” for their company’s size, industry, and other differentiating factors. 

Key reasons companies need SharePoint Governance include compliance, consistency and efficiency, and data management and security. Allow us to explain these reasons and a few more. 

Data Management and Security

Without proper governance, companies risk exposing critical data or violating data protection regulations. Your SharePoint site is almost guaranteed to hold sensitive company information, from financial data to intellectual property. Your SharePoint Governance defines who can access what information, how data is classified, and how it’s protected. This is crucial for preventing data breaches, unauthorized access, and ensuring confidential information remains secure.  

Consistency and efficiency 

SharePoint Governance creates standard practices for how the platform is used across the organization. These governance requirements include guidelines for site creation, content organization, metadata usage, and naming conventions. Employees navigate and find information more easily, regardless of which department’s site they’re accessing, when consistency is baked into your SharePoint Implementation. Consistency also streamlines processes, reducing time spent searching for documents or figuring out where to store new content.


Many industries have strict regulations about data handling, retention, and privacy (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). SharePoint Governance ensures that the platform is used in a way that meets these regulatory requirements. It also helps enforce internal company policies. This is vital for avoiding legal issues, fines, and reputational damage that can result from non-compliance. 


As organizations grow and more teams start using SharePoint, there’s a risk of “SharePoint sprawl” – a proliferation of sites, subsites, and content that becomes confusing and unmanageable. SharePoint Governance policies provide a framework for controlled growth, defining how new sites are created and when they should be archived or deleted. They also define how to manage storage limits. These governance requirements ensure SharePoint remains scalable and doesn’t become a chaotic, tangled web of content. 

User Adoption 

Clear guidelines and a well-structured SharePoint environment make it easier for employees to understand and use the platform effectively. SharePoint Governance policies typically include training requirements, user guides, and best practices. When users know how to use SharePoint correctly and can easily find what they need, they’re more likely to adopt it as a key tool in their daily work. This increases productivity and helps the organization get more value from its SharePoint investment. 

Cost control 

Uncontrolled SharePoint growth can lead to increased storage costs and IT support needs. Governance policies help manage these costs by implementing storage quotas, archiving policies, and clear processes for site provisioning. The need for IT intervention is also reduced when users are empowered with clear guidelines and self-service options. Minimizing the amount of time IT devotes to SharePoint support and management allows IT to spend more time on strategic initiatives and company growth. 

Each of the six aspects above contributes to creating a more efficient, secure, and valuable SharePoint environment. They work together to ensure that SharePoint serves as an effective tool for collaboration and information management, aligned with the company’s overall goals and requirements. 

The Benefits of Formal SharePoint Governance  

By now, you should be convinced that it’s essential for your SharePoint office to develop and adopt formal governance requirements. Having a solid game plan in terms of SharePoint guidelines that apply to everyone makes work easier and more productive and protects your organization at the same time. 

Stay tuned to the blog for future posts about how to specific elements of a SharePoint Governance plan, how to develop the “Goldilocks” plan that’s right for your company, gaining organizational support, and more.  

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