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Does your IT service provider merely fix tech issues? To ensure your IT environment is secure and your business is thriving, it’s not enough to simply implement technology tools. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) need proactive technology alignment, providing you with an efficient, profitable work environment where reactive issues are minimized. These optimal IT solutions can be achieved with a Virtual Chief Information Officer (Virtural CIO or vCIO).

As an SMB, having a robust, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure is crucial for remaining competitive and productive. However, hiring a full-time, in-house Chief Information Officer with the expertise needed can be extremely costly. Engaging a virtual CIO service can be a game-changer – giving you access to top-level IT leadership and strategy at a fraction of the cost.


What is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO is a type of Managed Services Provider (MSP), which is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model. However, unlike a basic MSP, a vCIO provides high-level guidance, planning, and oversight around technology for your organization. That is, a vCIO goes beyond centralizing IT services and fixing IT problems as they arise.

Virtual Chief Information Officers act as an off-site IT leader – evaluating a company’s current systems, developing technology roadmaps, ensuring security best practices, overseeing IT staff or vendors, and recommending areas for process improvement. They confer all the benefits of hiring an in-house CIO, without the need to recruit and hire a permanent employee.

The Cost-Effective Benefits of a vCIO

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing a vCIO is what a company might save as compared to a full-time Chief Information Officer. Qualified CIOs might cost a company $150K or more – not including benefits and other incentives. With a vCIO, SMBs leverage the skills and experience of an IT executive without the potentially prohibitive costs that come with a permanent hire. 

A vCIO also reduces your business risks and overhead. Your organization isn’t solely responsible for recruiting, training, and management (not to mention potential severance) costs of an additional employee. The vCIO consulting firm handles those personnel issues, while you reap the benefits of their expertise and focus on your business.

vCIOs Offer Top-Level IT Leadership & Strategy

While saving money is a clear benefit, the true value of a vCIO is providing experienced IT leadership and strategic guidance to drive your technology vision forward. A seasoned vCIO can ensure your business:

  • Has a well-designed, secure, and scalable network and IT infrastructure
  • Leverages technology effectively to increase your efficiency and productivity
  • Implements proper cybersecurity defenses and protocols to keep your business safe
  • Crafts short and long-term technology plans aligned with your business goals
  • Optimizes software, hardware, and vendor relationships to control costs
  • Establishes IT policies, best practices, and end-user training

Having a virtual CIO steering your IT approach fosters confidence that your technology investments and processes are structured for success – allowing you to focus on running your core operations and serving customers.

Finding the Right vCIO Partner

When vetting potential vCIO services, look for providers with a proven track record, broad technology expertise, and excellent references and certifications. The most effective vCIOs will take a cooperative approach, partnering with you and any existing IT staff or contractors you work with.

Here are some key actions you should expect from your vCIO:

  • Proactively plans new IT projects based on your business needs, goals, and budget
  • Guides you in planning IT budgets and cost-optimization strategies
  • Establishes effective lines of communication with your decision-makers to provide the tech expertise you need to achieve your business objectives
  • Works agilely and flexibly enough to pivot quickly as market and other conditions change
  • Performs regular risk assessments, based on consistent standards and best practices, to identify and address issues in real time.
A comparison chart including 11 items. Only three are provided by a basic MSP. All eleven are provided by a vCIO

Our Process, Your Goals

A virtual Chief Information Office can provide massive advantages to your organization in terms of cost savings, security, efficiency, and strategic planning. Engaging with a vCIO is an outsourcing solution that can pay huge dividends for small and medium businesses looking to properly leverage technology.

At enkompas, we don’t merely offer you IT support. We partner with our clients to ensure our mutual success by listening to you to gain a full understand your business strategy and needs. Then we work with you to ensure your technology environment aligns with the requirements of your business. Together, we’ll develop both short- and long-term roadmaps to validate how your technology environment will support and even accelerate your business objectives. Unlike many consulting firms that offer Managed IT and vCIO services, this level of engagement isn’t an add-on or separate line item we add to our IT support. It’s how we choose to engage with our clients and is at the core of who we are.

About enkompas Technology Solutions

enkompas powers your entire technology environment, working closely with your team to provide strategic enterprise technology solutions. With nearly 30 years of experience as a trusted Managed IT Services Provider, our goal is to help you build a secure, scalable organizational roadmap for your IT environment. Contact us for more information about how enkompas Technology Solutions partners with our clients to fully understand your business and provide Managed IT and Virtual CIO services that will help you achieve your objectives.