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Don’t Let Connectivity Make Decisions for Your Nonprofit: Make Decisions on Your Connectivity

by | Mar 1, 2021

If your nonprofit operates without a professional review of your connectivity costs before budget time, you are likely shortchanging your organization and your cause. Historically, nonprofit organizations have treated voice and data connectivity as necessary administrative costs rather than as strategic communication costs.

Without communications, all organizations will fail, and all missions are lost. All visions become fractured and all good intentions are futile. If you can’t communicate, you can’t be.

At enkompas IT, we have been “connecting” for 24 years, people to people, organizations to people, people to data and, along with our sister business intelligence organization, enkompas BI, data to people and organizations. If we are all to be, connections are essential!

enkompas launched a Connectivity Consulting practice to help our clients manage connectivity when that is not what they do for a living.  With direct/indirect channels to every provider, and 30+ years of network design experience, enkompas will assist you in selecting the right carrier and solution and we do it without charging your organization a penny.

Optimizing your connectivity is a must in 2021. We make it an easy process and support it all the way to implementation and beyond if you are a client.

How do you take advantage of this offer? It is simple; allow enkompas to review your current

connectivity invoices and contracts and offer an analysis, identifying opportunities to increase bandwidth, improve pricing, add mobility and even offer resiliency to your voice and data “connections.” Let enkompas IT help you keep your connections working for you before the next normal.

Get a free Connectivity Audit and Assessment today.

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