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Strategic IT Resourcing

Today’s job market is competitive, in general, and there are significant shortages of people with ‘very specific sets of skills’ which are currently in demand. No, we’re not talking about ex-CIA agents! We’re referring to industries such as healthcare, Information Technology (IT), and some specialized trades, which are currently experiencing a limited supply of qualified candidates. As IT has become such a critical component of business operations, companies may experience real operational losses as they struggle with their IT staffing needs.  

For example, when open IT roles remain unfilled for months, productivity decreases, and important projects get delayed. Vacant IT positions ultimately impact your bottom line.  

Fortunately, IT Staffing Firms also have very specific sets of skills! What you need is the business-world equivalent of an ex-CIA agent tracking someone – top IT talent – down for you. Only in this case, it’s not an impossible mission. You simply hand your IT staffing needs over to a specialized firm who knows how to sniff out the right IT candidates.  


(Yes, there’s less adrenaline involved, but we think better business outcomes can be just as thrilling, at the end of the day.)  

The Benefits of Working with an IT Staffing Firm

Recruiting and hiring is but one of the many important functions Human Resources (HR) departments manage. And HR departments typically only begin the recruiting process when a vacancy opens. IT staffing firms, on the other hand, are continuously recruiting, screening, and assessing IT workers.  

As IT Staffing firms must continuously sharpen their skills, their laser focus on IT positions accelerates the hiring process for businesses like yours. Plus, speed is but one of myriad reasons smart companies are relying on IT Staffing firms to fill their open IT positions. Here are a few of them.  

Save Time and Internal Resources

We already mentioned speed. Recruiting is extremely time-consuming, involving many steps. From writing job descriptions and posting ads to screening resumes and conducting interviews, it’s time and effort intensive. All that effort draws your internal HR team and hiring managers away from their core responsibilities.  

By partnering with an experienced IT Staffing firm, which is constantly filling its pipelines, you get to bypass time-consuming steps and cut to the chase. As a result, your company interviews pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates quickly – often within a matter of days instead of weeks. Plus, when your company off-loads recruiting tasks, your HR employees stay focused on their primary roles.  

Gain Access to a Broader Talent Pool

Post an IT opportunity online, and you might receive hundreds of applicants. Sounds pretty cool, right? It may seem like it until you discover how many of them are unqualified for the role. The resume overwhelm can become tedious. You get thrown off the scent, wasting time on lackluster applicants. Then the right candidate slips through your fingers, blending into the crowd.  

External IT recruiters have the edge, with access to a broad network of active and passive job candidates across the technology landscape. Their specialized expertise allows them to zero in on top talent your company may not be able to reach through traditional recruiting channels. This broader talent pool increases your chances of finding that perfect fit for your specific requirements. 

Stay Up-to-Date on Market Trends and Norms

The job market is constantly shifting in terms of compensation expectations, job requirements, and recruitment best practices. This is especially true for IT staffing, due to the ever-accelerating pace of technological change. It can be difficult to keep up with how the skills required for IT positions rapidly evolve in response to those changes in Information Technology.  

IT staffing organizations make it their business to keep honing their talents, staying on top of the latest hiring trends and skills. They can ensure your recruiting strategy remains competitive and effective. 

Validate Technical Skills with Assessments

One of the biggest advantages of using an IT staffing firm is their ability to thoroughly vet a candidate’s technical skills through testing and assessment. Coding challenges, technical interviews, skills audits, and other assessments allow recruiters to validate competencies and ensure candidates have the right expertise for their open roles. This targeted vetting process surfaces truly qualified candidates, enabling you to make smarter hiring decisions based on proven skills rather than just a resume or interview. 

Leverage the Recruiter's Tenure and Experience

When choosing an IT staffing partner, look for recruiting firms with deep “field” experience and tenure in the industry. Seasoned recruiters have developed extensive professional networks and know where to find the best IT talent. They have a strong grasp of the unique needs, skillsets, and workplace preferences of IT professionals. This experience-driven insight allows them to identify better-fit candidates and more effectively sell job opportunities. Recruiters who’ve spent years in IT bring a level of “situational awareness” (market knowledge) and “tracking” (recruiting) expertise that maximizes successful hires. 

In today’s tight IT job market, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to root out and hire the technology talent needed to drive innovation and growth. Partnering with a proven IT Staffing firm gives you a competitive hiring advantage through the firm’s next-level tools and laser-focused skills. Their screenings and assessments accelerate your ability to aquire top IT talent that meets your business needs. 

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